Rejection Letter #1

It’s been almost two months since I got my first R.L. from one of the Arts applications I submitted. Admittedly, I’ve been stalling about updating everyone with the results. More interesting, though? My video diary belting out a Barbra Streisand classic and tracking what I’ve been up to since I got the e-mail. Why is Babs being dragged into this? Because there’s nothing like a little drunken (yes, there was alcohol involved in the making of this video) ode to Nikki Arnstein to make me forget how sucky Rejection Letters can be! #PushOnThroughTheStruggle ~ cS, Constance SHERESE

August 20, 2014
Dear Applicant,
Thank you for your interest in the Critic-in-Residence Program. We received a number of outstanding applications and were only able to choose three finalists for this year’s inaugural program. The review committee has considered your request and regrets that we cannot invite you to participate at this time. 
We appreciate the effort you put into submitting your application and we highly encourage you to remain in touch with our organizations in the coming year. 
Your Latest Motivation

It’s Official, We’re Married!!!

“Sadie, Sadie married lady
See what’s on my hand?
There’s nothing quite as touching
as a simple wedding band!”


Babs sure knew what she was singing about. These first two weeks of married life have been wonderful! And yes, the groom was definitely prettier than the bride… especially with these chipped up nails of mine (I promise they were fierce for the wedding though!)

I would continue with all the many ways we complete each other, need each other, love each other, drive each other, feed each others dreams souls wishes desires, and all the rest of those lovely descriptions that go into waxing poetic. But I’m pretty sure you can just see it on us. So without further ado… Introducing the new Mr & Mrs Mercado! Ain’t we cute?


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