Where The Rabbits Have Been Hiding…

I started this blog over a year ago as an invite for all of you to follow along on my journey to create CultStatus. An inside connection to all things Culture, Art, Literature, Dance, Music, and general Inspiration for the masses. I wanted it to feel like a “Welcome to Your World” for all us creative types out there looking for a home. I created a Facebook Page, Twitter Account, Website, and more.

But then Life happened. And it started feeling like too much too soon. Too much good and bad and busy and running and… Suddenly the million and one “bunny rabbit” creative ideas running around in my head seemed like more of a burden than a blessing.

Bottom line, I wasn’t ready. Wasn’t committed enough. I failed.

The good news is that everyone fails. Unless, of course, you’re Thomas Edison, who said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10, 000 ways that will not work.” (You can thank the nerdy fiancé for that quote).

But for the rest of us, there’s no escaping the inevitability of failure. Or at the very least, finding 10, 000 “ways” of our own to learn what Edison already knew. That pushing on through the struggle is the only way to succeed. All the greats have done it. But just like them, the ups and downs of life have fueled me and better inspired me to start again. So what have the rabbits been up to?

Well, I fell in love. And juggled a long-distance relationship. And traveled. And fell in and out and back into touch with artistic friends across the world. And managed a full time job – “Life” at its finest. And went to plays and art exhibits and film festivals and workshops and book festivals and Goat Farm interpretive dance shows and so much more across this beautiful city of Atlanta that I call home.

And lost my sister in death. And got engaged to my best friend. And found out I have Lupus, one week after I found my dream dress. And started planning an out-of-state wedding on a six month timeline. And reading Lean In along with the rest of the world (It’s Amazing, go get it!). And now, 35 days before my wedding. Now, when I’m just trying not to lose my mind from all the rabbits. Now. I decide to start again.

Why? Because in spite of all the good moments that should have motivated me to keep going; it’s been the times of greatest struggle and pain and fears about the future that have inspired me the most. I have thrived on those feelings. And it doesn’t hurt that I’ve got an amazing support system in my fiancé, family, and friends.

So here I am starting over.

My first two initiatives? Making Lupus awareness, education, and fund raising an ongoing part of the CultStatus mission.

And giving you the creative goodness I know you’ve been craving. The nugget of inspiration that keeps jumping out at me: Finding beauty in the struggle. I think I’ll start with that theme.

Are you ready? Let’s see where this goes…


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